My precious nephew Asher Ong Kian Leng aka "kian leng kia", "monster" "fishmonger" "crazy monger" "funny monger"....etc
I love him very much but he doesnt love me that much, always say i disturb him.
Sometimes when he got hot temper....he will shout at me, throw tantrum at me....even me a tight slap or urine on me and in my bedroom. What a notti boy! But i never scolded him or punish him because once he starts to cry my heart will melt.
No matter what, he will always insist you are in the wrong first....stare at you and shout "WHO START FIRST?? NEVER SAY SORRY SOMEMORE!"
But then sometimes he can be very sweet too, will talk to me and tell me what going on between him and his 2 gfs...... he is only 5 yrs old plus! Can imagine he going to have many gfs in his adult life.....
To me he is more important than anything, whatever he want i will always get it for him.

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